Friday, August 30, 2013

Classroom Reveal!

I think I can finally say my classroom is no longer under construction. And by construction, I mean me organizing the explosion of items that comes along with the territory of any teacher moving into a new room.  It is officially ready for my second graders to arrive Tuesday! Here are some of my favorite parts...

I think I am MOST excited about my college wall! College readiness is a big deal at our school, so I thought, why not expose my students to some choices now and get them thinking, "Class of 2024, where do YOU want to go to college?"

I attempted to be as unbiased as possible, but I realized subconsciously I used maize and blue for my accent colors (HAIL!).  I immediately made up for it by displaying MSU and Ohio State prominently at the top of my columns.

Another favorite of mine is my classroom library. I have an awkward pillar in the middle of my room, but I actually now think it is an advantage. I used a bookcase to cut off access to it, and now it makes my library more enclosed and homey looking!

Also, I am super pumped about my organization this year. I have each book bin labeled by author, genre, topic, etc. and then the best part is that inside the book is a label that matches the bin. No more of me pulling out my hair as I organize misplaced books!

You can probably tell by now that I went the whole Chevron route this year. Because Chevron in every colored border was on backorder, I actually printed out scrapbook paper and cut it myself... Obsessive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. :)

Our school studies a moral focus virtue each month, we start with wisdom. The "Knocking My Socks Off!" bulletin board will be used to display student work. Last but not least, I will post expectations on the Daily 5 board as we go through the first 20 days!

A final view. Now to get some good sleep in before Tuesday!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

People Bingo

With school only a few days away, I have been in my classroom busy organizing and preparing bulletin boards,  lesson plans, and community building activities. Since half of my class this year will be returning students and half new students, People Bingo will be a fun and interactive way for my students to get to know one another. For a free copy of People Bingo, just click on the link below!

After students have played the game, I like to wrap up with a "stand up, sit down" sharing out activity. We go through each square on the People Bingo board, and students stand up for "yes" and sit down for "no." This allows students to see what they have in common with others!

It's just a quick blog for today as I have to get back to cutting out laminate (you are probably all to familiar with the back-to-school mounds!). Until next time! :)

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