Thursday, October 2, 2014

Incentive Charts

Well, I am officially in my new role as academic specialist, and so far, I am loving it! Initially, I must confess that I felt a tad melancholy when I packed up my entire second grade classroom into neatly labeled boxes this past June (my husband empathized as I stored said boxes in half just a teeny-tiny corner of our basement). But now that I am in my new position, I am loving it! While I was not able to decorate my home away from home this fall with cute bulletin board paper & boarders or label student desks, cubbies, & book bins, I did get to discover some of the rewards of my new position. 1) My new team rocks! I seriously cannot stress enough the quality of educators I am working with. And, they are just a fun group of people to work with to boot. 2) I get to work directly with teachers and students across MANY grade levels. So cool to spread that impact out across a school! 3) I am growing as I step out of my comfort zone--always a good thing!

One of my responsibilities as academic specialist this year will be to work with students of all ages in reading and math, so I needed some new materials to help with behavior management. I will pull small groups of students in all different grades starting next week, so I created a generic incentive chart that will work beautifully for all of my student groups despite their varying ages. Once I made it in one color, I just couldn't stop. Now, my students will have 16 color choices.

These generic incentive charts each have a 20-box grid perfect for filling with stickers, stars, or checks that students earn as they work towards a reward. Featured in 16 colors, these charts are an ideal tool to aid in whole class, small group, or individual behavior management as students track their success. If you want these incentive charts, click on the picture below to be taken to this FREEBIE product at my TPT store.

Simply print, cut, and enjoy!

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