Friday, August 29, 2014

Reading Foldables

Who remembers making cootie-catchers as a young student with varying colors, numbers, and fortunes on the inside? Spelling out green, then counting to 5, then to 3, only to read the silly or perhaps outrageous fortune on the inside (aka, YES, your secret crush did return your sentiments!!) and drumroll please for a group of friends shrieking in delight. I was obsessed with these growing up. So I decided to take this tactile activity as my muse and use it as a way to engage students in learning--specifically reading. And hence, my reading foldables project was born.

In this pack, there are 21 foldables around 10 different topics, all shown in detail below. These foldables are for both fictional literature as well as informational text and connect to various reading, language, and anchor Common Core State Standards. Since CCSS are all about close reading, text analysis, and evidence-based thinking, many of the foldables in this pack require students to prove their thinking with textual evidence, including citing the page numbers. Check out all the foldables included in this pack in detail as follows:

Main idea and details (1 foldable)

Asking and Answering Questions (2 foldables)

Fictional Story Elements (2 foldables)

Cause and Effect (3 foldables)

Character Traits (1 foldable)

Summarizing (3 foldables)

Evidence Based Responses (1 foldable)

Vocabulary Development (4 foldables)

Making Predictions (2 foldables)

Making Connections (2 foldables)

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