Monday, November 18, 2013

Bundle Up!

It's time to bundle up! Literally and figuratively that is. Last night, the temperatures dropped from 65 to 40 degrees outside, so it is officially hat, mitten, and long coat weather. Meanwhile, I bundled up my three writing units into one easy download and for a big discount. Now, three units including detailed lesson plans and all the materials needed to teach each of the writing text types as addressed by the Common Core--personal narrative, opinion, and explanatory/informative writing--come in one package for a total of 9+ weeks of teaching.

To access this bundle, click here CCSS Aligned Writing Bundle: Personal Narrative, Opinion, and Explanatory Units or on the picture below.

Snow is in the forecast for tonight, so I think it'd also be best to get out my boots!

 photo Katie120_zps8b8e103b.jpg

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