Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blogging Beginnings: An Introduction

Greetings all! I am excited to make my first official "Hello" into blogging territory. My name is Katie Crystal, and I am in my fourth year of teaching. Starting my own blog is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Laughing out loud at your witty anecdotes that I could oh-so-much relate to and drooling over your colorful backgrounds and eye-catching products, I have been an active follower of all of you educator bloggers out there. However, TIME is always an issue. After going for a run, doing a load laundry, making dinner, reading a book in bed and deciding to stay up a little later to finish just one or two or three more chapters the entire page-turner of a book, I kept telling myself that I simply didn't have the minutes and hours to do so. Don't you just wish you could add more hours to a day sometimes? Seriously. But as I analyzed my time management over the past few years, I realized the more I had to do, the more I got done. Somehow two summers ago I successfully trained for and ran my very first marathon, finished my final project for my master's degree, and planned a wedding! How did I do all that??? This year, I had none of these huge tasks to tackle, yet I still hadn't gotten my blog up and running. That's when I realized I had very few no excuses left. It was just a matter of moving "Starting a Blog" to the tippy-top of my priority list. That was key. 

So here it is folks. My first blog is launched. All I need now is a giant pair of scissors and a piece of bright red ribbon to cut. But like opening a store, I do believe that starting my blog is truly just the beginning. It is now time to commit to being an active blogger. The important word here being active. :) I do see the power in it because I have grown so much not only as a teacher but as a person from what you share in your blogs! So thank you for your time, candor, and talent. I inspire to make an impact as you all have.

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